Matthew Alexander

Matthew started his Interior Design career inspiration, at 11 years old, with his first commission to design a beach house.  His continuously growing requests from clients lead him to later attend the Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach, California. For over thirty years, he has been creating, developing, installing, and supervising design projects worldwide.


Drawing on his background in architecture, construction, project management, and interior design, Matthew considers it his responsibility to fully service each client by providing them with education, professionalism, and friendship.  He approaches design with the understanding that every project is unique, and it is important to meet each client’s needs and wants. He believes that it’s not about the designer or the trend; it’s about assisting clients to ‘Define their Style.’


Josie's creative pursuits may have begun with her first job installing window displays for the Yankee Candle Company, but her involvement in a home design career came to new heights as she learned the details of Kitchen & Bath design working at the Home Depot.

As a valued assistant for nearly a decade, with a Westwood College degree, Josie's practical skills on MAC projects continues to provide our team with the digital interior & exterior construction renderings for Matthews design concepts.

Her weekends & evenings are filled with lots of mom duties to three kiddos.


As a West German native, Jana "Yanna" joined the MAC design team in 2022, bringing her eye for detail on interior accents & staging.  Her culmination of talents bring a strength, balance & serenity to the designs we create for our clients that are enriched by her European travel experiences, worldwide studies on art & design, mindful yoga instruction and California surfing style.

Our Four C’s


Meet and greet. Our relationship begins with the opportunity and discussion of bringing your project to fruition.  This is your moment to introduce me to your home, lifestyle, needs, wants, and ideas. While we’re interviewing one another, you’ll be introduced to the design process of how we will work together through a contract.


Excitement and Opportunity.  This presentation will be a gathering of thoughts and ideas shared through drawings, images, and verbiage that tell a story of what your space can become. It’s at this meeting that we’ll guide you to the next step of purchasing and preparing for construction.


Following your dreams. Reality takes shape in the phase of construction and installation.  It’s during this transformative time that you will see your environment become a reality from what began with thoughts and ideas.  This is one of the most trusting phases of the process in order to achieve the final outcome.


Celebrating our efforts. After the creation and construction have come to their final achievement, we’re here to settle you in with taking care of all the details and setting up your new space. Now you can relax and enjoy the rewards of your investment for years to come.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

“The spaces that serve you should tell a story

of how you live and what you love.”

— MATTHEW ALEXANDER – Interior and Architectural Designer

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